The home zone

The home zone boundary is as follows:-

The area bounded by:

  • a straight line drawn from a point on the Blenheim Borough boundary in line with the western end of Dillon Street to Doctors Creek,
  • then across to Battys Road where it crosses Doctors Creek,
  • then westwards crossing Bells Road at a point approximately one kilometre north of its junction with New Renwick Road,
  • then on through Grahams Road and following the sourthern boundary of Woodbourne Aerodrome and continuing through Godfreys Road to Omaka River,
  • then following the south bank of this river south-westwards to a point where crossed by Dog Point Road,
  • then southwards to Goulter Hill Trig ad on through V Trig then Wards Peak Trig,
  • then northeast through 1 Trig to C Trig,
  • then across to the Taylor River,
  • then along the western bank of Taylor River back to the point of commencement.

This map shows the home zone for Fairhall School shaded in yellow, and the bus route* in  blue.

* Please note the blue routes north of New Renwick Road and east of Burleigh are for the college bus run and not Fairhall School's.