Fairhall School curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum forms the basis of our teaching, including study of English, health and physical education, mathematics and statistics, social sciences, science, technology, Te Reo Maori and the arts. 

Fairhall School’s curriculum plan is derived from the New Zealand Curriculum document and is the school’s interpretation of this statement. The plan allows teachers to make interpretations in recognition of their students’ interests and needs.

Within the curriculum plan are eleven processes that are implemented across the school: school vision and values, Fairhall PRIDE, Fairhall school principles, quality school education, shared learning experiences, thinking strategies, inquiry teaching, e-learning, education outside the classroom programmes, environmental studies, bicultural commitment and global citizenship.

Younger students take part in the perceptual motor programme (PMP) which develops coordination, eye tracking skills, spatial awareness, balance and helps develop brain connections to enhance learning.

While encouraging students to strive for academic excellence we also