Friends of Fairhall School

Friends Of Fairhall School (FOFS)                                                           

Friends of Fairhall School is a committee made up of parents, caregivers and volunteers that are

connected to Fairhall School through current students at the school, or through the wider Fairhall

Community. FOFS is an important link between the school, community and the Fairhall School Board of Trustees.

What do we do?
FOFS has many major roles at the school:                                                     

1/ to fund-raise for the school.

2/ to give pastoral care to the Fairhall School

students, families and community

3/ supports the school by running food stalls at school

events such as show days and cross country days

4/ creates a group where families can meet each other and be engaged with the school days of their children.

What events are FOFS involved in?

FOFS has many fundraising events during the year, such as the following:

Tramp the Ned – proceeds from people paying to Tramp the Ned and profits from the food stall at the event go to the school.

Ladies Boutique - a fun night out where clothing items are auctioned and sold.

Movie Night – ticket sales to the event got to the school.

School BBQs – all profits from these food stalls go to the school.

As well as these major events FOFS have also been part of Airshows at Omaka Aerodrome, Garden

Marlborough and many other events in the local area. We also provide support where it is needed to

the Kids Duathlon team.

Who Benefits?

The students and the school benefit from the money made through fundraising.

The people involved in FOFS benefit from a being part of group that has a great camaraderie and a

common goal of enhancing the well being of the school and the people in it.

The whole Fairhall and school community benefit from the events by creating a welcoming environment

for us all to be a part of and share in.

What can you do? What would you like to see us do/achieve? How would you like to be involved?

FOFS would like to involve as many people as we can to create a great community feel and friendly

environment within the school especially amongst the parents.

We understand that being on committees is not for everyone, but this is not the only way you can be

involved. We are often baking and making meals to aid families during pastoral care and any help with

this is much appreciated. We often need a hand to turn sausages on the BBQ, pass out drinks to

children, or be a parking warden at a major event. It all adds up to funds for the school, a smile on

someones’ face and a happier and friendlier school environment.

What Events are we running in 2018?                                                  

This year we aim to have 2 major fundraisers:                          

Tramp the Ned - May 20
Ladies Boutique - September 15-18 TBC

In addition to this event, we will be having a Sausage Sizzle at school for the children, at lunchtime on the last Thursday of every term. We will also run food stalls at the school cross country day in July/August, Show day in October and New Families Afternoon Teas.

Other events and pastoral care for the community occurs during the year which we endeavour to help out in any way we can.

What does the Year Group Allocation to the  Major Fundraisers mean?

Friends of Fairhall School organises  major fundraising events during the school year, Tramp the Ned (every even year) and the Ladies Boutique - a fun event that was introduced in 2015. (Please note, the Duathlon is in addition to these fundraisers, as it is run by a committee outside the school). 

We believe that organising around 1-3 major events will continue to enhance the community spirit by:

1/ creating an environment where parents and caregivers get to meet people from other areas of the school.

2/ spread the fundraising workload, so that the same people aren’t being relied upon for all events

3/ encourage the community feel that Fairhall School is known for and we all enjoy

4/ ensure that the children continue to benefit from successful fundraising event

If you would like to be involved with Friends of Fairhall or lend a hand in one way or another we would love to hear from you.