Fairhall School Board of Trustees

Fairhall is fortunate to be supported by a dedicated Board of Trustees, elected from the school community.  The Board meet at 7:00 pm on the third Monday of each month. Parents are welcome to attend Board meetings.

Co -Chairpersons

Staff Trustee
Board Secretary
Steve Ross
Leighton MacKenzie                  

Chris Grage
Mondo Kopua
Bek Lawrence
Aaron Sangster          
Jo McConnell
Steve Crockett

 The Board is responsible for
  • Governing the school
  • Managing school personnel
  • Building and school maintenance
  • Making and reviewing policies
  • Accounting for government funds
  • Consulting with parents

For more information on standing for election to the Board contact Fairhall School.


 School Policy
     Fairhall School Annual Report
 Child Protection    Interim Audit Report
Engaging Parents    Final Audit Report
Digital Citizenship
   Independent Audit Report to the Readers of Fairhall Schools

   Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2017